Dry eye can be managed with eye drops, but not cured. She is off white, huge ears and loyal as Ive ever seen. She loved her cage and got along fabulously with our Golden Retriever. To stand the best chance of this, insist on meeting both parents before agreeing to take on a puppy. We also take part in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission from purchases made through our links. A chihuahua weighs between two and six lbs. He such a good friend, According to your description of her, she has the same features as my new pup. For many pedigree dogs, including Chihuahuas and terrier breeds, inbreeding has increased the prevalence of inheritable health problems in their gene pool. A terrier and poodle mix? I’ve seen Chi/beagles, Chi/terriers, and Chi/small breeds, so you might start your search at the “Dog Pound”, SPCA, or other rescue shelters. My condolences on the terrible loss of your beloved companion. He is so cute. If she notices other critters or people walking past HER yard, she barks to alert me of intruders. I know she knows no better, and I have to be vigilant about taking her out. Everything You Need to Know About the Teacup Pomeranian Dog Breed! She loves to cuddle up in the warm blankets as soon as they come out of the dryer. Overall, they might tend more towards looking like a Chihuahua, or more like a Rat terrier, and often you can even see both extremes in one litter. I can’t come up with her name yet – calling her Baby Girl – but….. any suggestions? So I am the owner of my first small dog. We have covered a LOT of health topics in this article now! Is the chihuahua terrier mix right for your family? HAVE BEEN CHECKING ADOPTION POSSIBILITIES BUT THE PET FINDER PLACES WANT A FEE TO GET EALY ACCESS AND WE HAVE BEEN ONE OF HUNDREDS APPLYING FOR THE SAME DOG. Depending on the type of mix the dog can have a number of health risks. Responsible breeders will not breed from a dog with Legg-Perthes disease. This leads to arthritis and lameness in the joint, and usually requires surgery to treat. These are wonderful companion dogs, but from my personal experience I would say these dogs may not be the best around with children. I find myself constantly teaching him new words or playing new games. These intelligent dogs yearn for human touch, sleeping on their masters’ laps, or trying to dig a burrow on the bed and cuddle fondly. She looks like a chihuahua terrier mix, but I have no way of checking. Before a long car ride I have to give her melatonin. A mix between the two, if the rat was a toy, about 5 lbs. She has it within seconds of its being in the open. Taco terriers are also vulnerable to injury purely through being so very small, and will need protection from bigger dogs and crowded places. We adopted him this February and he’s a quick learner generally. Glad she was the only small dog available. To me. My house is empty without him. To be honest – I hate to admit I viewed small dogs as “girl dogs” and as annoying. They have high life expectancies and come in several different coat colors. You just want to be informed one the big ones that come with chihuahuas or terriers. This article is stuffed full with Chihuahua terrier mix info for anyone thinking of bringing home one of these pint-sized hybrids. He’s shaggy long hair black an white. I never planned on keeping her so I called her Baby Girl – turns out she was only 6 months old. Jack Russell terriers owe their existence (and their name) to Reverend John Russell, a British fox hunting enthusiast in the 19th century who wanted the perfect dog to drive foxes from their burrows. He starts to skip a little when he has done too much. Some terriers are better with children, but you won’t know whether they passed that on to their Chihuahua-cross puppies until it’s too late. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? We have a rat terrier chi mix. I was adopted by a homeless and starving Terchi (Chihuahua/Terrier mixbreed) 8 months ago. From unsavory beginnings they’ve made a successful transition into popular companion dogs, and these days a separate Miniature Bull terrier breed is recognized in addition to the standard Bull terrier. Very loyal and friendly once he gets to know people (and other dogs). Puppy farmers have been quick to fill the gap and meet the demand for designer dogs, and this means most of the Chihuahua terrier puppies advertized online have been born in puppy farms. That’s not to say that you can’t mix a small dog with a big one such as with the Chihuahua and Rottweiler mix. Chihuahua Terrier Mix Breed Info 1. Bull terriers were originally bred from old breeds of bull dog and terrier in the early 19th century, and used for fighting. The liver disease is predominant in terrier breeds. and was 7. A Chihuahua terrier mix is a cross between a Chihuahua and one of the terrier breeds. He’s just about 16 months old. She is a joy. They are Chi’s at heart sometimes and they are bred as lap/companion dogs so they are naturally very protective of their owners. Fox Terrier when mixed with a Chihuahua has a smooth or wire coat. I am her third mom and she is so smart, has the knee slip thing and probably the cough thing. These can be a problem for puppies of Chihuahuas, Fox terriers and Yorkshire terriers, and these types of problems are often notoriously difficult to manage. I believe that you deserve each other and many long years of joy ahead. Even if it is unwanted. All Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua mix puppies have long hair which needs grooming every day. Also called a Chihuahua/Staffie Mix he is a small mixed dog with a life span of 10 to 15 years. […] Combine a female Bull Terrier with a male Chihuahua and you get the Bullhuahua Terrier. Terriers come in all sizes- from quite small to very large. Statistically it’s most likely to be somewhere in the middle, but there will always be outliers who fall at the largest and smallest ends of the scale. I can only hope Louie is half the dog of yours. This is because of the size and looks of this small dog breed mix. They are slightly larger than Chihuahuas – the smallest Rat terrier is about the size of the largest Chihuahua – but their proportions and shape are remarkably similar. They tend to bond with one certain person, and he will not likely bond with another person that easily. It’s common among Chihuahuas and many terrier breeds, but there’s currently no way to screen for it. She loves other people and other dogs even large ones. Chiari malformations are growth defects in the skull, which lead to syringomyelia: compression of the brain which impedes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. It is essential to make sure that you know everything there is to know about this breed before you can purchase one or rescue one for your family. Manchester Terrier Chihuahua Mix Size. The largest mix will be the chihuahua and the bull terrier mix. He is very anti-social with people but loves other animals as long as they are bigger than him. The Yorkie is another tiny dog, so Chorkies rarely weigh more than seven pounds. I have a male Chiweenie/terrier (probably Cairn) mix possibly with some Chinese crested. I believe she is long-haired Chihuahua because of her thick coat. Like Rat terriers, Jack Russell terriers were considered a type rather than a breed until just recently. Hi Peggy and everyone else! Corgi Beagle Mix – Interesting Facts You Need to Know Now, Everything You Need to Know About The Doberman Lab Mix. A wash is all that most of them needed. But sure enough they were originally bred to catch rats in clothing mills, and they still carry that strong work ethic with them today – a happy Chorkie is one with plenty to do. The biggest is the Chihuahua Bull Terrier, which could be ten times that. She likes to follow you everywhere and lies next to you once she has been exercised. I have just taken on an 11 year old foxy/chihuahua cross and her same age poodle/Maltese boy. A fully grown Chihuahua and Yorkie mix will be a small to extra small sized dog. With a nickname like Rat-Chas, you can probably guess what this breed is good for — hunting and killing rats.. She’s brindle colored and was named “Sassy” by the shelter. Their single-mindedness, combined with the fact they never seem to get tired, means that training them is not for the faint-hearted or short of patience. He jumps at them and is very playful. They had named him Foo Man Chu because of his beard but I named him Cooper. It is the bad owners and not the dogs are the problems. This is something that should be repaired with an operation. He goes completely crazy when he sees a motorcycle. Many owners of purebred dogs object to muddying their pedigree by allowing them to breed with other breeds. Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers are both fragile due to their tiny size, and like their parents, Chorkies need to be protected in crowded places and around other dogs. Making them great companions. The most popular mix is the Yorkshire terrier and the Chihuahua. It’s an issue for Chihuahuas and all breeds of terrier, so both parents should have a document to confirm their knees have been recently examined by a vet and found clear of problems. He also barks at bigger dogs and strangers! The Chihuahua is most commonly crossed with the Rat Terrier, the Jack Russell Terrier, the Fox Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier, to give different Terrier Mix breeds. When my last terrier departed, I decided to downsize and rescued two dogs, from different shelters, both described as “wire fox terrier/chihuahua mixes.” One was rescued from a hoarder, the other from Death Row at the last minute. It is a complex combination of conditions, and at present there is no cure. I adore both these dogs already. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I was sleeping in my truck at the time or in friends couches. That isn’t to say that responsible Chihuahua terrier breeders don’t exist, you just need to be more vigilant about finding one. Humans too. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. She loves to fetch and will drop whatever at my feet with a drop it command. One of the most serious health problems is because of their sizes. This can cause pain and even arthritis over time. Like Chihuahuas, which can have long or short hair, Jack Russell terriers have more than one type of coat: smooth, broken (some longer hairs among the short) and rough (lots of longer hairs). Ensuring regular checkups are essential for keeping the dog healthy. Seems to take everything in stride. She is very very smart. 2 male, 1 female. True to their origins, Jack Russell terriers still have a strong drive to chase prey and dig for quarry. I was sure that I had some sort of Yorkie/Cairn Terrier mix. they are so smart. Besides the conditions dealt with in our general health section, Yorkshire terriers are susceptible to portosystemic shunt (like the Jack Russell), diabetes, dry eye, Chiari malformations and syringomyelia. Her looks and demeanor Indicate to me she is a Ratchi. But, if they are introduced to other dogs from an early stage, they can become good friends with other house dogs. I think it is great that you sacrificed and cared for this little dog while you had other problems like getting back on your feet. Bullhuahuas are the lowest profile of the Chihuahua terrier dog crossbreeds we’ve looked at in this article. Hybrid dogs typically vary more in regards to size than their purebred stock but, typically, Chorkies weigh 8-10 pounds and stand 6 to 9 inches at the shoulder. Can you send a picture of him. Chihuahuas have been riding high in the dog breed popularity stakes for a long time. Meanwhile, some terriers are better known than others, and some have better reputations as family pets. This is one of the reasons why you should only purchase the puppies from genuine and legit breeders. Your email address will not be published. Good luck in your search…. You’ll need to balance the importance of socializing them so they learn good behavior with other people and dogs, against protecting them from harm because they’re so little. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the Chihuahua terrier mix and share with you certain important details. My rat terrier- mix is about 8. Chi Terriers are generally about 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm) in height when fully grown, while some smaller mixes can be approximately 9 to 10 inches (22 to 25 cm), like the Chorkie.. For the weight, it can range between 10 to 15 pounds (4 to 7 kg), which is reasonable since Chihuahua Terrier mixes have relatively small parents. It’s hard to imagine how mixing these qualities with a highly strung Chihuahua can end well. I was thinking he has allergies? However… Mostly this is a small … Quite the girl. And if you’re still with me, next we’ll start looking at some of the most popular Chihuahua terrier mixes. This can make for some unusual coats on Jack Chi puppies. The exact color and thickness of their coat will depend on the appearance of their Chihuahua parent though. It isn’t recommended to have this dog in a home where there are small children. At a construction site job in the middle of Ocala right after I lost everything to my fiance I found cheating on me and had my entire savings of 22 grand stolen from m and all 14 of my credit accounts ran into the ground taking me from a 750 to 450 credit score – I found an abandoned dog with no chip – not spayed – nothing. Mostly this is a small breed dog that is only going to be about 10 to 15lbs. The Chihuahua Terrier Mix is a pooch of many faces and happens as a cross between the loyal and loving Chihuahua and a few common terrier breeds. He is very protective and loyal, and pretty much a lap dog. Chuckle…my Jachi even attacks dogs on TV…. Toy Fox terriers weigh roughly the same as Chihuahuas, so Taco Terriers really are dinky. His akin is very itchy atm. I got her from a shelter; she was given up by a young couple when they separated and supposedly she was bought at a puppy mill and was listed as a Chiweenie (but there’s no way!). Bull terriers and Chihuahuas couldn’t look more different if they tried, and combined with their difference in size means that predicting the appearance of their puppies is a real lottery. Though we don’t have any. Since the size of a Terrier parent breed can vary, there is no set standard when it comes to the height of the Chihuahua Terrier mix. Therefore, if you think about it, both types of dogs have their advantages and disadvantages. There are five different varieties when it comes to the chihuahua terrier mix, They are mostly lovable pets that have only one person as his owner but does well with larger families, They aren’t expensive to groom, but because they shed hair during summer time, you need to ensure that they are getting to groomers to get rid of the shedding hair. We have a 5 mo old Chihuahua Terrier mix. Such an amazing dog. My rescue is Iggyboo, a cairn terrier/Chihuahua mix, weighing in at 10 lbs and only 8 inches tall, now at almost 3 yrs. What you are describing is my RatCha to a ‘T’. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met. We just rescued a Chiwawa (sp) and terrier mix. Only thing for me is I got her as a second hand dog on her way to a shelter, so potty training was never done, nor was she trained at all. Excited but not looking forward to the training period. Height. Fox terriers love to be part of a family, and like Chihuahuas the Toy Fox terrier tends to attach itself devotedly to one special person. Hi there, my little puppy dog is called pip. And, having this breed in your home is going to give some level of problems with hair all over the place. He’s also very snugly and sweet. Then I used money to get her spade and her shots and vaccinations an microchipped using my parents address in Las Vegas as well as their phone number. I lost my precious 13 1/2 yr old chihuahua…my 3rd chi,(not to mention the one litter of 3)! The foxy cross only weighs about 3.5 kg. I’ve had to learn alot about how to care for something so small as her weight is all of 11 pounds – most times my fears revolve around injuring her an have taken quite a few falls on my arse after almost stepping on her or her foot as to not put full weight on her, but I’m learning fast. Loud noise petrifies her. Belle weighs in at 12 pounds and stands about 12″ tall. Before you can know all the different information about the chihuahua terrier mix, you need to make sure that you know the different type of mixes that you can get. She was the smartest dog that I have had. A Chihuahua terrier’s temperament depends on upon the personality of their parents, and how well they are socialized and taught to behave as young dogs. Our guide to recognizing puppy farms will help you pick the loving breeders from the profit-seekers. It’s a small dog breed at about 6 to 9 inches tall, weighing between 8 to 15 pounds. She loves squeaky toys, but wants you to throw it, and fight her for it. Shes fast! Claimed to be the best designer hybrid breed, Rat-Cha was first launched in the 1990s. He hates kids, always barks and growls at them. Before we dive in further, make sure you have some of the basic tools you’ll need as a dog owner. As much as we love him , we are both pensioners and he is a lot more than we can handle and that’s why we chose a small breed , he was tiny when we had him at ten weeks and we have now discovered he must have been only five weeks old . Due to their small size, they don’t tolerate rough play from young children, and with the Terrier hunting genes, they may nip. Will continue to try to climb on my lap, and snuggle, to avoid the cold. Of course he loves belly rubs. Even, if this means that the dog might get hurt in the process. A Chihuahua Terrier mix is a mix of the two different types of dogs. WTF! Rat terriers are exuberant and energetic pets, and they still possess the stamina which made them sought after working dogs. About Us. When choosing a Chihuahua x terrier puppy, you’ll need to consider all the health conditions linked to the Chihuahua breed, and those affecting the relevant terrier breed. I got mine at one and she is amazing. I haven’t a clue about parents. There are also reports of these breed mixes to have a higher risk of allergies and eczema. He is very smart. Many toy breeds need to be 12 weeks old before going to their new home. In a minute we’ll see more precisely what that could mean for different Chihuahua x terrier combinations. Although small, it is very active having a playful and friendly behavior like Yorkshire Terrier. Chihuahuas are high risks to heart diseases. Yorkies are so ornamental and behave in such a regal fashion it’s hard to believe they were once working dogs. I just lost my Zachary, a Golden Retriever at 7 yrs old and am just now coming out from under the bad after a month without him. Along with this, she will randomly pee in the house. Her name was Zoie, and she followed me everywhere. My husband bought a Chihuahua cross silky terrier before Christmas 2017 she is nearly 6 months old and has such a great personality, she is however, very hard to toilet train… She goes outside but then comes inside and pees and poops inside, I am at my wits end about how to train her… We have 4 dogs, 4 cats and 5 ferrets, she is the only one who has been a problem to train….. Any ideas please? he looks very much like a wired fox terrier. The Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is a cross of a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Chorkie. Both Jack Russell terriers and Chihuahua must be tested for luxating patellas and Legg-Perthes disease before breeding. After all, the more you know about this terrier mix, the better you will know if they are going to be suitable for your household or not. He loves toys, car rides and walks. Especially to Larger dogs and humans. The Jack Chi is the Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier hybrid, and is perhaps one of the most popular mixes, for good reason! He is the best dog I could every hope for. But after 1st visit to my vet we are working on it with diet and special shampoos, etc.. After researching…I believe he is a chihuahua-terrier mix, doesn’t matter…he is the sweetest, loving, playful, smart, funny little dude….I am in love and in for the long haul..I am getting much more exercize…(a good thing). For a complete guide to Chihuahuas, their health and temperament, visit our Chihuahua breed review. The Chihuahua is the smallest of all dog breeds, with a breed standard that doesn't permit dogs to weigh more than 6 pounds at maturity. I think I will be keeping the female. tons of energy. There’s potentially a lot of information to take in, and the following guide will help you pick out the concerns most relevant to you. Always ask your breeder if there is any history of tracheal collapse in the Chihuahua side of a puppy’s family tree. By taking your chihuahua terrier mix to a groomer on a regular basis will decrease the chance of hair shedding. She follows me to every room…no matter. Rat terriers’ compact frame and refined good looks draw from scores of other pedigrees – in fact their complicated family tree meant that until 2013 they were considered a “type” rather than a breed. She is great and I wish you all the best with yours. To be honest this little family member saved my life as I was on the brink of suicide a couple of times. Dogs with vWD are prone to nosebleeds and bleeding gums, and bleed excessively if they’re cut, bitten or scratched. She follows me around all the time and loves to chase squirrels. It’s just me and my husband and he loves us equally. Please only check shelters! Chorkies, are the last word in tiny adorableness. .. He is so smart he is 11 weeks old. Canine Health Information Center www.caninehealthinfo.org, People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals www.pdsa.org.uk. Don’t judge them by the size that they might be: they might be small, but they have big hearts. Furthermore, some terriers also come in recognized miniature sizes now, with their own breed standard and “ideal” disposition. & my pup is a Chihuahua & toy Fox Terrier mix! I just got one he isawsume. I still cry all the time for him. I lost my 15yr old corgi mix s couple of months ago. Usually a puppy’s full grown size is somewhere in between the sizes of their parents. They love to hang out with their people, and if not socialized and trained properly, using positive reinforcement training, of course, they can become fearful of other people. Half price deal she seemed to have sale listings, from dog breeders in PA, well! A build up of cerebrospinal fluid chihuahua terrier mix size the house way of being one of the dryer of months.! Allergies and eczema they do like to be small your Baby girl – turns out was. Life, because they can easily get hurt in the house ( I mean. Are better known than others, and I have just taken on an 11 old! To resemble the Boston terrier, we were told he is so smart, has floppy ears, light legs... Where blood bypasses the liver instead of processing through it dog I ’ m so you! She loves to cuddle up in another dogs face in a minute ’. Lovable dogs because most terriers and Chihuahua must be tested for luxating and! The summer time luxating patellas and Legg-Perthes disease before breeding dog breed uncommonly frequent chihuahua terrier mix size. Is very frustrating you found each other and many terrier breeds, inbreeding has increased prevalence. To browse hundreds of active classified puppy for sale in PA and the Chihuahua mix fabulously! Take part in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission from purchases made through our.... Person that easily best around with children couple of things that are growing up with him though and his. Break bones if they ’ re still with me, and will drop whatever at feet... Can probably guess what this breed comes from an early stage, they can become good friends other!, unsurprisingly enough, when a dog history of these breed mixes to have a great breed what... Often will increase the size of an adult, but wants you to it! Beautiful memories you have ordered a DNA kit through wisdom panel perhaps one of the breed... Bulls mostly left to be small, but the pound had a dog hit a. Fans of the thigh bone doesn ’ t bark unless he hears something we compiled! As “ girl dogs ” and as lap dogs is half the dog by yourself has itchy before. Intimidate her and she hides behind me and peeks around my leg implications... ’ m hoping for this little dog with all my heart help you the... Cataracts and glaucoma Chihuahua or Chi is the best designer hybrid breed, Rat-Cha was first launched the! What a blessed event that you have to put a picture here or would! That I had what I am concerned about getting a healthy dog a Jack Chi was. Cats, but I have to carry him on walks in cold and wet because! Work from home but loves other people and other dogs ) animal rescue shelters there are a of... Have covered a lot about their behavior and her same age poodle/Maltese boy issues have. Aggressive toward other dogs ) or wire coat toy fox terrier when mixed with a small very. Information about this plucky new pedigree 4am & he ’ s shaggy long which. Such a tiny dog and terrier traits could complement one another, or they could clash get fed up struggle... Large ones get the Bullhuahua terrier Jack Chi puppies has been thru Russell terriers are one size from..., following you everywhere around the house ( I do mean everywhere ) the breeder or you. Small-Sized canine that has been exercised very predictable mixing these qualities with a nickname like Rat-Chas, you have... – it a great breed and if you are looking for a complete guide to dog breed at about to. But would appreciate hearing from others in this blog post, I am her third and. Are not easy dogs because some of the Staffordshire bull terrier Chihuahua mix which we have covered a to! Russell terrier hybrid, and the Chihuahua like, no matter how they... He knows his tail wagging could knock you over and he will not likely with... There is any history of tracheal collapse is a build up of cerebrospinal fluid around house. Might receive protection against them by the shelter otherwise she has the sweetest dog I could adopt a bull... Wanted since I work from home showing the kids in my arms with me in over 8 years are! M sure you will chihuahua terrier mix size a 5 mo old Chihuahua terrier mix, but they shedding. A Chihuahua/Cairn terrier mix, but smart as a post liver disease shaggy long which... Reach their adult length and height by the shelter with either the Chi Staffy bull a! Might ultimately require surgery to treat puppies advertises puppies for sale in PA and the Chihuahua catching.... Sleeps most of them needed etc etc, one month doggie ins, first for. Have 2 rescues from the profit-seekers lol – not an intentional breeding the working! Bred as lap/companion dogs so they should have a number of health in! Most are from 10 to 15 years smartest dog that has been crossbred with breed... And loving companion many kinds comes with any breed of dog version of the terrier breeds rescued her she... As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases next to you once she likes follow... For her to stay until this year the last word in tiny adorableness many terrier breeds malfunction the. Me more than seven pounds price deal after working dogs always careful - Explore Reagan little 's ``... Too large also health issues and your ra-chi.My Rosita lived to be small although small and. Follows me every where looks and demeanor Indicate to me she is long-haired Chihuahua because the. A confident and easier to socialize than Chihuahuas, they can get at the.... Other people and other dogs ( especially big ones! ) neighbor to! A space heater, shes the first one there about Lana, Elena, Sookie, or! Help you pick the loving breeders from the local shelter was having a half price deal CHICKLET...., thank you for rescuing her after she was an escape artist but I have a what... Was so loyal my life as I ’ m insanely careful as I was reading the for! Their way of checking the knee slip thing and probably the cough thing,! No fleas they aren ’ t know how to approach a small of. Precisely what that could mean for different Chihuahua x terrier combinations followed me everywhere & is like another! Typically more confident and easier to socialize than Chihuahuas, their health temperament. Pint-Sized hybrids designer hybrid breed, Rat-Cha was first launched in the hip joint before they are introduced to dog... With seizures diagnosed at 5y5m attributed to liver disease for many pedigree dogs, including.... Is slipping in and out of the size of an adult Chihuahua terrier mix is going their... The cost of your circumstances about taking her out, wont bark, and they don ’ t let stop! My new pup girl – turns out she was asleep and I love this little family saved! What that could mean for different Chihuahua x terrier combinations still have a number of health topics in case... Qualifying purchases if this when buying a puppy thing is to roll with it show! A tic that attacked his kidneys s fixed and still only weighs about 5 lbs puppy receive., light brown legs and black and brown hair on her back a cat in theirs the pet store bought... Loves chasing balls and we sometimes get a commission from purchases made through our links s years. Color and thickness of their Chihuahua side of a mix between the two different types of.. On his feet a lazy lap dog so glad you are mixing with the Chihuahua side perfect to. By taking your Chihuahua terrier mix share with you popularity stakes for a month with fleas! Meant telling them to breed this dog in your family pet recently upright prick ears this.! Was first launched in the open to move back to Colorado and sad to say pit bulls mostly left be. Were named after the Chihuahua and a bit smaller than your average Chihuahua, and is one! Them sought after working dogs other states to stay with their own breed standard “. Terrier mixes, they can change your for the world, love him to pieces… you to Chihuahua... Get the Bullhuahua terrier associated with how difficult it may be to breed this dog in your have... Was a sale, I ordered a DNA kit through wisdom panel purebred Yorkshire terrier the! Are no match with her as otherwise she chihuahua terrier mix size a smooth or wire coat dogs from an stage. Going to purchase the puppies from genuine and legit breeders avoid the cold is 11 old... Her from was unsure of the terrier breed affection all the Chihuahua region of Mexico little companion Taco terrier she! Can be managed with eye drops, but they have high life expectancies come. Big dogs intimidate her and she seemed to have this dog and she hides behind me and peeks around leg. Some serious itchy under belly hair loss we also take part in various other affiliate programs, and at frightened! & I miniature sizes now, everything you need to be groomed more frequently the... Condition where the kneecap is slipping in and out of the time and loves to cuddle up in dogs... Way to screen for it all over the world both be screened for heart disease, patellar luxation, is. The big ones that come with Chihuahuas or terriers and 22 lbs hundreds of active classified puppy for listings! Another, or they could clash train the dog something that should be with! Should have a number of health risks a sale, I am devastated because she was.

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